Chandigarh 6th March 2020. Engaging the artists from the industry with their viewers is always through a creative and unique idea which Punjabi StarLive No.1 Artist Booking Company excels in. Various platforms have come up for better engagement of the masses and the artists. Some artists have also launched their own applications and platforms to stay in touch with their fans

But now, Punjab StarLive, which is one of the biggest event management companies in Punjab, is getting Punjab’s first-ever live PODCAST. With the emphasis on audio and the spoken word, podcasting shares roots with traditional radio programming, but with a different distribution model, involving computer networks and stored files.

Punjab Star Live is getting Punjab its first-ever podcast which will cater to the Punjabi media industry and this is the best chance for them to partner with anyone who is interested in it as sponsors.

The podcast will have one artist and five industry experts who will talk with the artists about his/her journey so far, his/her projects and various other subjects in a casual humor talk. The owners of Punjabi StarLive are Garry who work with Harry from USA on global foot print of media and entertainment industry.

Garry, Director of Punjabi StarLive said, “We are very excited about the engagement and the Podcast Live Sessions. Other entertainment industries already had this platform to engage with the artists on one to one interveiw basis. Getting this to Punjab for the first time, we feel very obliged. We are sure to get a positive response from everybody who will be involved with us on this journey we love punjab, punjabi and our rich culture.”

Popular anchor and actor Gurjit Singh said, “I am extremely excited and am looking forward to the sessions. Interviewing the artists as a single anchor is completely different but this is a completely new idea that really made me enthusiastic. Interviewing one artist with five more people at the same time is in itself a very thrilling and exciting experience. Everyone has their own thought process and this is the first time it’ll happen in Punjab. I am more than eager.”