CHANDIGARH,20.02.20-In the run-up to its annual cultural extravaganza- Meraki 2020, the Meraki Organizing Committee of Mehr Chand Mahajan DAV College for Women organized a pre-event- Ehsaas. A mental health awareness initiative, Ehsaas envisioned, through sharing of inspirational stories of triumph over mental health issues, to sensitize students about the importance of mental health and to initiate discussion on this crucial aspect of our lives. Chief Guest for the event Mrs. Sharmita Bhinder, a Social activist motivated the students by sharing her life story and how she emerged stronger through every pain, loss and sorrow in her life. Mr. Ramnik Bansal, a senior faculty in The Art Of Living shared his views and opinions on the importance of yoga, breathing, and letting go of toxicities in our life. Mrs. G. K. Aurum, Motivational and Spiritual Blogger bestowed the audience with gemstones of philosophies and life lessons, sharing mantras to get one's life back on track after suffering mental health problems. Mr. Iqbal Aurum, Life Coach and Motivational Speaker expressed his opinions on choosing the path that one's heart resonates with, especially in the present scenario characterized by cut-throat competition and stressful living. Ms. Shivani Bajaj, the founder of Your Therapist, spoke about the importance of sharing one's emotions and shedding the taboo associated with mental illnesses. Ms. Stuti Munjal from Two Hazy Circles shared some interactive exercises with the audience to help them introspect upon their own personalities. Mr. Rhythm Malhotra- a young fitness expert shed light on the importance of being fit and happy in one's own body.

Principal Dr. Nisha Bhargava lauded this praiseworthy initiative of the Meraki Organizing Committee since the issue of mental health has garnered global concern and the need to sensitize people to treat mental illnesses at par with physical illnesses.