NEW DELHI,20.02.20-Addressing the Delegates at the 1st Retail Supply Chain Summit, 2020 of PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry held at PHD House New Delhi, today, the Chief Guest Mr N Sivasailam, Special Secretary (Logistics), Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India stated that it was time that our country resorted the joy of shopping in its people with efficient mechanisms of city logistics coupled with the benefits of digitization in the Indian supply chain logistics sector.

Mr N Sivasailam, while stressing upon various aspects of logistics within city and outside the arena; warehousing logistics; return logistics and agriculture logistics also reiterated the importance of logistics particularly in the Indian retail supply chain sector.

Creation of platform through digital transformation is the need of the hour for growth and development of a country like India, said Mr Sivasailam.

Free trade warehousing zones should be developed with substantial investment in the logistics sector and return logistics is the way for new market development, added Mr Sivasailam.

Mr Sivasailam urged PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry and its member stakeholder to enter into business and trade pertaining in state logistics and thereby create platforms and business opportunities that can facilitate, catalyze and encourage businesses and along with digitization add huge efficiencies at the Supply Chain front.

Dr D K Aggarwal, President, PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in his welcome remarks highlighted the vital role played by Digital technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in living up to the global competition in the supply chain logistics market.

Digital transformation is the best approach to minimize cost per square feet and optimize efficiency at all stages of supply chain management system starting right from procuring raw materials for production till consumption by the end consumer, said Dr Aggarwal.

Digital transformation of supply change is happening and will continue to happen, so it is time that either you change and avail its multi-fold benefits or the time will change you, added Dr Aggarwal

Sanjay Aggarwal, Senior Vice president, PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry, while addressing the august gathering said that the supply chain in India stands ready for a revolution, and investment in India’s supply chain infrastructure is gaining momentum.

Digital transformation has the power to push India’s supply chain to the next level, said Mr Aggarwal.