Ludhiana 19 February 2020-Department of Livestock Production Management (LPM) of Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana has organized two days training programme on “Rural upliftment through scientific goat farming” for goat farmers at Bhundri Village of Ludhiana. Training programme was attended by 25 participants from Bhundri and adjoining villages who are engaged in goat farming on traditional lines. Trainees included small goat farmers maintaining on an average 20-40 goats predominantly under grazing system. This training programme was financially supported under RashtriyaKrishiVikasYojana for special components.

The problems faced by all the goat farmers were identified and analyzed at the outset of the training programme and deliberatedby various scientists of LPM and other departments of GADVASU. Unawareness about scientific feeding, breeding and healthcare were the major constraints for these farmers. The scientists advised these farmers for the plantation of fast growing tree fodders such as moringa, subabul, mulberry, deketc in community land. They further suggested forming self-help groups andcreation of fodder banks for lean period. This will improve the marketing system and help in exchange of breeding bucks periodicallyscreened for brucellosis, collective vaccination etc. Farmers were also sensitized about common and feasible biosecurity measures to reduce disease incidences and neonatal kid morality, resistance in pathogens, economical housing modifications and prevention from zoonotic diseases. In addition,farmers were supplied with one book on goat farming (in Punjabi), two years subscription of VigiyanakPashuPalan monthly magazine and key inputs such as mineral mixture, by-pass fat and broad spectrum dewormers. Training programme was coordinated by Dr. SandeepKaswan and Dr. MandeepSingla. Dr. Manish KumarChatli, HoD appreciated the faculty for organizing the training under field for resource poor goat farmers.

Dr. Harish Verma, Director Extension Education, also affirmed that trainings at farmers door step is need of the hour. Dr J.P.S. Gill, Director Research, applauded the efforts of the department and said that the training will help in raising the awareness of the traditional goat farmers and filling in the potential gaps.