CHANDIGARH,21.01.20-What is it with New Year’s Resolutions –even before the first month of the New Year has come to an end, we have already given up on them. And we aren’t surprised. Every New Year gives us the opportunity to commit to change but most of them end up being heavy on inspiration but light on action.

We understand that sticking to resolutions is hard. That is why we have curated a list of products from Club Factory that will make your ride a smooth sail.

Cute and Quirky Journals/Multipin USB Diary with Phone Charging

What’s better than starting your day penning down thoughts and promising yourself to be more focused and less stressed. Journaling might seem very old school but is the art of living. This will help you get through the resolution of being more focused and productive. Choose from a variety of journals, in sync with your personality type, from Club Factory’s vast collection. From quirky to printed to even a smart one that has an attached USB charger, there is something for everyone. So, Happy Journaling!

Yoga Mats

Are you also among those who got a gym subscription but never turned up beyond Day 2? Your busy schedule should not make your resolutions wait. We suggest you stick to the mantra of Stretch, Inhale and Exhale with your new and fun Yoga Mats from Club Factory.

Cordless Vacuum CleaNer

Accomplish your Marie Kondo-goals with the latest cordless Vacuum Cleaner which is hassle free and makes your cleaning a happy experience. This one comes with user friendly attachments and easy to use design along with an auto spin feature.

Quirky Lunch Boxes

Tired of being the ultimate junkie and not being able to give up on that? An extra cute lunch box with a prepped meal is all that you need. You can choose from a wide array of choices based on your needs – a waterproof that you can take to office to flaunt in front of your colleagues oinsulated one to pack a quick picnic snack for your family. These lunch boxes from Club Factory also come in different prints and colors.

Brightening Facemasks and Serums

If self-care is what you committed to yourself in 2020, let these facemasks and face serums be your best friend. Club Factory has different variants and options to choose from depending on your type of skin, your favourite ingredient and even flavour. You can opt for Charcoal, Neem, Strawberry and Lemon sheets to try. So get your favorite pick and get rolling. Here’s to a healthy and happy skin!