Fire Safety Tips at PU’s Boy’s Hostel No. 4
A Session on Fire Safety and how the fire extinguisher works was orchestrated at Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel Hall, Boy’s Hostel No. 4, Panjab University,here today to make residents, staff and mess and canteen workers aware about the emergency course of action to be implemented in case of fire.
Dean Student Welfare, Prof (Dr.) Emanual Nahar in his address stated that there are four elements that are instrumental in accelerating the fire. There must be oxygen to sustain combustion, heat to raise the material to its ignition temperature, fuel to support the combustion and a chemical reaction between the other three elements. Remove any one of the four elements to extinguish the fire as the concept of fire protection is based upon keeping these four elements separate,he added. Prof. Nahar further stated that the fire extinguishers are a great safety tool and getting training on the proper use and maintenance of this life saving tool is key.
The Fire Safety session was coordinated by Mr. Jasvinder Kumar and was conducted by Mr. Amit. The meticulous interactive session included a demonstration about operating fire extinguisher in case of fire emergency. The live demonstration session was created in a situation which replicates what would happen if a real fire were to occur by having a mock fire outside the hostel compound and the technique to use the fire extinguishers was practically done by the residents and staff of the Boy’s Hostel No. 4.
Security staff of the hostel Sardar Pragat Singh stated that it’s a good idea to practice picking up, holding and using a fire extinguisher as one gets a practical experience of handling any untoward break-out of fire.
The demonstration was very much useful for the students to understand the working pattern of fire extinguishers. Residents, office staff, security personnel and Mess & Canteen workers took active part and witnessed the safety measure wholeheartedly.
PU Professor delivers talk on Evolution of Indian Democracy at KUK*
Dr. Ashutosh Kumar, Professor of Political Science, PU addressed the participants of the Interdisciplinary Refresher Course organised by the Department of Economics, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra on the 'Evolution of Indian Democracy in the last seven decades'.
In his address Prof. Ashutosh stated that the democratic success which is globally recognized can be attributed to India's pluralistic and accomodative cultural values which have been ingrained in the modern political culture of India. These values are enshrined and truly reflected in India's Constitution which not only recognizes and accommodates the cultural and regional differences but also provides for representation and affirmative provisions for socially and economically marginal individuals as well as communities.
Further, he stated that in the process, the Constitution has played a pivotal role in creating and strengthening the edifice of India' democracy which is political as well as social in its nature.