CHANDIGARH,11.01.20-To mark the end of peak winters and to welcome the Sun to the Northern Hemisphere-the festival of Lohri was celebrated with lot of exuberance and fanfare at KBDAV-7, Chandigarh by students of Class V & VI. The mood on the campus was upbeat and the students were totally absorbed in the festive spirit of Lohri. The students were attired in the traditional Punjabi dresses. They stole the show by singing the Lohri song ‘SUNDER MUNDRIYE’, and performed Giddha and Bhangra; the folk dances of Punjab. The students and teachers took part in the celebrations enthusiastically. Lohri is a festival that bonds, brings joy and sparks in the hearts of nears and dears.

The celebration ended on an informative note by offering prayers for an “End to the Australian Bush-fire” and healing in the land of Australia.