CHANDIGARH,09.01.20-Organ donation in India is still at a nascent stage. But all the efforts being put into improving public awareness about this altruistic cause are definitely indicating positive signs as many generous families like that of donor Gian Chand from Solan are coming forward to take this bravest decision amid their gravest tragedy, thereby, vividly conveying the ultimate message “Live -------- and then Give.”

Paying his reverence to the donor family of the latest cadaver organ donation here at PGIMER, Prof Vipin Koushal, Nodal Officer, ROTTO PGIMER stated, “Our mandate at PGIMER is to honour the donor family’s decision, perhaps the hardest and incredibly moving one of their lives, of organ donation of their deceased dear one. We thank donor Gian Chand’s family for their gracious gift to others amid their own irreparable loss. At the same time, we feel humbled by the trust reposed by the donor family in our esteemed institute for their hardest decision.”

Himself a victim of hit & run accident, donor Gian Chand (42) from village Gulggiwala, Nalagarh, District Solan handed out life to two terminally ill renal failure patients and sight to two corneal blind patients, thereby impacting four lives and sustaining hope for many more in waiting recipients as his family went ahead with the generous decision of organ donation here at PGIMER.

On the ill fated day of 3rd January, Gian Chand was going back home on his two-wheeler. On the way, he stopped to pick something from the market. As soon as he got down from his two-wheeler, a fast-speeding car rammed into him, throwing him off at quite a distance and making him unconscious due to fatal head injuries.

After the initial treatment at a local civil hospital, Gian Chand was referred to PGIMER in an irretrievable condition and was admitted here on 4th January. Despite best of medical attention, Gian Chand could not be revived and death seemed imminent. Consequently, Gian Chand bid adieu to life when he was declared brain-dead on 5th January after following the protocols as per THOA by the brain death certification committee of PGIMER.

After the brain death certification, the transplant coordinators at PGIMER discussed with the family about the lifesaving social benefits of the process of organ donation. Though initially hesitant, but with the intervention of a near relative, who was clued about the concept of organ donation, the family got convinced and went ahead with the noble decision of organ donation.

Trying to come to terms with this cruel twist of fate, Surinder Kaur, the heart broken wife of donor Gian Chand, shared, “My husband’s untimely demise has come as a bolt from the blue. He was the very lifeline of our family and he has been so mercilessly snatched by the Almighty leaving behind three daughters and one son, all of them at such a tender age. We could do nothing but cry and wail. Nobody can be more unfortunate than us.”

Donor Gian Chand’s grieving but resolute younger brother, Narinder Pal expressed his sentiments, “Through Organ Donation, I want my brother’s memory to live on, and I just want the world to know that I`m so proud of him, Despite losing his own life, his legacy is living on by helping four others continue with their lives, and their parents and all the lives that are being touched as a result.”’