Chandigarh,31.12.19-Following the footsteps of 30 other brave-heart families this year, the benevolent Panth family from Baddi, Himachal Pradesh gave the greatest gift anyone can give – the ‘gift of life’ to two terminally ill patients suffering from debilitating renal disease with their selfless and generous act of organ donation of their deceased family member, Kailash Panth here at PGIMER.

The picture perfect life of Panth family suddenly crashed when 42 year old Kailash Panth, an employee in the mechanical section of Baddi based company, Crompton Greaves Ltd., was admitted to PGIMER Chandigarh on 19th December following an intra cranial bleed. The prognosis being poor, Kailash Panth could not be revived and his ten days’ long agonizing struggle between life and death ended when he was declared brain dead on 28th December after the two committee meetings following the protocols of THOA.

It was then the transplant coordinator on duty, Navdeep Bansal, raised the matter of organ donation with the family members. Braving her own irreparable and untimely loss, Ruchi Panth, extremely courageous wife of deceased Kailash Panth showcased exceptional initiative and consented for organ donation.

Conveyed the ultimate message that 'we can save a life even in death', when Ruchi Panth shared after consenting for Organ Donation, “My kids are too young, they have lost their father at an age when they can’t even realize how their world has doomed. No one can understand our remorse. Hope our decision for organ donation helps some children turn lucky and save their parents. This will be our biggest tribute to the departed soul.”.Following the family’s decision, kidneys were retrieved from the donor Kailash Panth, which on transplantation gave fresh lease of life to two patients suffering from end stage kidney disease, thereby ending their daily struggle for survival.

Expressing his sentiments and paying tributes to the donor family, Prof. Jagat Ram, Director PGIMER, stated, ”The cadaver organ donation program, in fact, hinges on the benevolent donor families. Their magnanimous and unconditional consent for organ donation of their departed dear one amid their own grief, actually, have enabled PGIMER sustain the cadaver organ transplant programme. These families like the Panth Family from Baddi reiterate our faith in goodness, in humanity beyond boundaries.”

The PGIMER team involved in translating this noble wish of the donor family into reality by giving a second lease of life to the terminally ill patients also deserve a huge commendation. It is their tireless and incessant efforts that have helped saving hundreds of precious lives over the years through transplantation, added Prof. Jagat Ram.

Tracing the Cadaver Organ Donation Programme through the year, Prof. Vipin Koushal, Nodal Officer, ROTTO PGIMER said with this latest cadaveric organ donation of Donor Kailash Panth, the total number of major organs donated during 2019 was 73, thereby saving 69. lives. Kidneys numbering 60 were the most widely retrieved organ. The other major organs harvested from deceased donors included liver, heart and pancreas. The cornea transplantation programme was also equally robust with 668 number of corneas donated during the year 2019.

Further detailing about the awareness mandate, Prof. Koushal shared “The extensive media coverage and massive community engagement programmes have contributed immensely to spread the awareness, thereby, playing a catalytic role in mainstreaming the noble cause of Organ Donation.”

“Though all this is going at a good pace but considering the burgeoning gap between donations and the dire need, the road ahead is really challenging and engagement by one and all for the cause may provide the answer,” remarked Prof. Koushal.