NEW DELHI,December 27, 2019: Adding to the festive cheer, Delhi Tourism, Govt. of Delhi, commenced the Winter Carnival at the Garden of Five Senses from 24 December 2019, which will be hosted until 01 January 2020. Harbouring the festive spirit of Christmas and New Year’s celebration, the Garden of Five Senses is decked to create an enthralling ambience and offer its visitors a unique and memorable experience this Winter.

Offering an experience of the season’s festivities as one indulges in a variety of authentic and mouth-watering food at the Garden of Five senses, the event also saw a favourable incline amongst visitors towards handicrafts stalls for gifting along with various other items.

Presenting a grand celebration this winter across ‘Cuisine, Culture and Crafts’, visitors are also proffered the following at Garden of Five Senses:
· Brocade crafts
· Benarasi suits and sarees
· Ethnic jewelry
· Kashmiri shawls & carpets
· Afghanistani carpets & dry fruits
· Qureshi kebabs
· Mohd. Hussain Fry
· Dilli ki Chaat
· Shahi Chaap
· Punjabi Rasoi
· Shahi Tukde
· Wahid Biryani from Lucknow
· Domino’s Pizza

Special performances have been organized at Garden of Five Senses with artists such as Abu Malik & Posh Peechatt, Diwakar Sharma, TV show "Rising Star" fame, Mohd. Rafi Night by Dr. Rahul Joshi, Nizami Brothers, and Qawalli by Yusuf Nizami.

Raising the festive spirit, Abu Malik & Posh Peechatt, Swastik Bharadwaj, Varun Ahlawat and Vivek Upadhyay put forth engaging performances at the Winter Carnival. Varun Ahlawat and the Nizami brothers graced the stage on 27th December at the Garden of Five Senses. Several other performances by artists from Sahitya Kala Parishad and open-stage performances by YouTube fame artists have also been organised.

The day-wise schedule of performances at Garden of Five Senses is as follows:
Performances Date
Rajasthani folk dance 28th December 2019
Rajasthani folk music
Haryanvi folk dance by 29th December 2019
Haryanvi folk music
Folk Dance from Uttar Pradesh 30th December 2019
Sugam Sangeet
Bhangra & Gidda Performance 31st December 2019
Punjabi Songs
Manipuri Folk Dance and Music 01 January 2020
Regional folk dances and songs

A first of its kind, 20 ft. tall interactive Christmas tree has been set up on a platform space to symbolize the togetherness of the community. Programmed to light up in vibrant hues when people come together and stand on the pressure spots, the tree lights up with soft illuminations. Upon four or more people standing at the interactive pressure spots, the tree lights up its Christmas Star, displaying over 100 mesmerizing designs. The Collective Interactive Experience (CIE) of seeing the tree light up in a myriad of patterns and hues has been one of the most cherished highlights for visitors at the Garden of Five Senses. People across ages stood around the tree, watching its illuminations radiate the colourful spirit of harmony.

The Timings of Winter Carnival at Garden of Five Senses is 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Regular ticket fares -Adult: Rs. 35/-, Children aged 05-12 yrs & Senior Citizens: Rs. 15/- , and free for the Specially Abled, are applicable.

Combining the season’s festivities with performances and good food, Delhi Tourism offers events that enable the spirit of togetherness and celebrations within the community.