Chandigarh,19.11.19-Chandigarh based Dr Sonica Krishan, Author, Speaker and Ayurveda Consultant; was recently invited by MEC Global Events to Cuba for a Presentation and Talk on 'INDIAN ALTERNATIVE AND TRADITIONAL REMEDIES FOR HEALTH & WELLNESS' at the 2019 International Conference on Alternative and Traditional Medicine at Varadero, Cuba.

This conference was attended by more than 150 doctors practicing in the modern stream of medicine from various countries in Europe. The well-attended conference evoked keen interest of the doctors in the Indian Medicine which they were not aware of earlier. It has been a pride for the Nation as well as for the City that the Indian therapies and the ancient Indian system of medicine is getting attention from so many practitioners from across the Globe and from various medical departments of modern medicine, thus boosting the Indian healthcare systems. She spoke on the Indian herbs and natural remedies, along with their medicinal utility which has been practiced since ancient times in India and are again being tested and researched upon now. In addition, she also briefly touched upon various Yoga Asanas and Mudras which also aid in curing many ailments.

Dr Sonica had earlier also been invited to Dubai for a similar conference which was attended by American, European and Middle East doctors and Health practitioners. She is working in the field of preventive healthcare and wellness using Ayurveda Healthcare remedies and Herbs. She has authored five books on related subjects in the past viz. Herbal Healers, Home Remedies, Healing through Ayurveda, Healing through Ayurveda herbs in your Kitchen Garden and Healthy Living through Dosha Healing (Ayurveda). Her endeavour is to awaken the thought process of Holistic Healthcare, than simply curing the disease. Ayurveda itself is by and large the superlative and authentic preacher of wellness and India’s age-old science of Life and Preventive Health.