Chandigarh,17.11.19-To mark the occasion of National Press Day, the Department of Journalism and Mass communication of GGDSD College, Sector 32, Chandigarh, hosted the 2nd Prem Bhatia Lecture Series on November 16th, 2019, in Mini Auditorium. Mr Mahendra Ved , President Commonwealth Journalists Association was the Resource person for the occasion. General Secretary GGDSD College Society, Dr Anirudh Joshi addressed the gathering, remembered Mr Prem Bhatia and his courageous tales. Principal, Dr Balraj Thapar, held pride in welcoming Mr MahendraVed as chief speaker for the event.

Dwelling on the subject of terrorism, Mr Ved talked about how it plays out and the problems of media coverage with focus on India.”Terrorism means different things to different people and it is universal. One’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter, a villain here is a hero there” he said. He also defined terrorism as an evolving phenomenon with terrorist organizations continuously changing their modus operandi, thereby adding to the complexity and challenges faced by criminal justice practitioners.

The annual magazine ‘Expressions’ was also released on the occasion. The event concluded at a successful note, making every student satisfied after having his/her questions answered in the questionnaire round.