Chandigarh November 8: Haryana Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Lal today visited ancient Shivling, Nandi and rocks found during excavation in village Faridpur, district Karnal and performed pooja according to the ancient tradition amidst chanting of shalokas. On this occasion, he also boosted the moral of youth of Youth Club, Faridpur and said that the religious faith of villagers would be completely taken care of.

The Chief Minister said that after getting ancient sculptures during the work of sand mining, the village Faridpur in Karnal district would no longer be an ordinary village, but would get special recognition on the national map.

He said that in the research of the Department of Archaeology, it would also be ascertained whether some other such idols of ancient culture are available in this area of Yamuna. After the confirmation, a special action plan would be prepared by the State Government through the Department of Archaeology and this area would emerge as a center of attraction for the people of the country and abroad, he added.

The Chief Minister said that the Shivling, Nandi and rocks found during sand mining are being described as being thousands of years old and the sculpture done on the rocks is also based on the Indian ancient culture. He directed the District Administration and Mining Department to coordinate with the Archaeology Department to study the entire matter in depth and if any remains of an ancient temple, population, etc. are found here, then start working on the action plan.

He said that earlier also, the evidence of ancient culture and civilization of the world has been found on the banks of Yamuna and Saraswati rivers. He said that similar information has also been found in Rakhigarhi area of Hisar district, on which the Departments of Tourism and Archaeology is working together. During the excavation there, not only houses of ancient times have been found, but entire villages have been found buried, said the Chief Minister adding that the eagerness of people from all over the world is increasing towards Rakhigarhi and large number of people from different states as well as foreigners are reaching there to learn about ancient culture.

Mr Manohar Lal also expressed deep condolences to the family members on the sudden demise of Shivani, a five-year-old girl, who died after falling in a borewell in village Harisinghpura recently.