Chandigarh, November 4 - Haryana Chief Secretary Mrs. Keshni Anand Arora has called upon the Deputy Commissioners and all-district officers of the State to give their utmost contribution towards environment protection. Mrs. Arora said this while presiding over a meeting with the Deputy Commissioners and all-district officers held through video conferencing, here today.

During the meeting, the Chief Secretary further directed the officers to carry out intensive campaign to prevent increasing pollution problem. She said that with the help of mobile parties, officers should immediately reach the area where stubble burning is being done and strict action should be taken against those doing stubble burning.

She further directed the Deputy Commissioners to provide a report of the FIRs filed, by evening, against the farmers involved in stubble burning. She said that fire brigade should reach the earliest at the places where stubble is being burnt, and control the fire. She said expenses of the fire brigade should be charged from the farmers.

Apart from this, Gram Sabhas should also be organized in the villages for the next two to three days in which the names of the farmers who burnt stubble should be informed by the sarpanch and so that his action should be strongly condemned in the panchayat. She said that the village secretary, patwari and Numberdars should also be involved and help to improve stubble management.

Mrs. Arora said that the Chief Minister, Mr. Manohar Lal has given directions that action should be taken against any officer or employee who is not paying attention to environmental protection. She said that all customer hiring centers should be inspected and data should be collected on how many farmers have taken advantage of it. She said that it should be ensured that all combine harvesters are connected to the straw management system.

Chief Secretary further said that orders should be strictly followed to prevent pollution caused by construction, bricklins, broken roads, stubble, garbage, vehicle jams, illegal parking, etc.

She said that water should be sprayed on trees to reduce pollution level. If there is a shortage of water fountains in a district, they can apply for this by writing a letter to the headquarters, she added.

She said that through the official Gram Sabhas, people should also be made aware to prevent pollution and for this, students studying in college and university can be involved and take their help in making people aware of the pollution problem and how to take steps to prevent it. Along with this and a campaign should also be launched.

The Chief Secretary said that all the DCs should further ensure that the employees of the city council and municipalities do not set garbage on fire anywhere in the cities. She said that if any employee is found setting garbage on fire, then strict action will be taken immediately against such employees.

Those present on the occasion included, Additional Chief Secretary, Environment Department, Mrs. Dheera Khandelwal, Additional Chief Secretary of Agriculture Department, Mr. Sanjeev Kaushal, and other seniors officers.