Kheri Gurna, Banur,17.10.19-‘We shrink the world by connecting its people’- G.G.D.S.D College, Kheri Gurna, Banur envisioned internationalization of education by bringing the faculty of premier institution of the world to India at the campus of G.G.D.S.D College. One initiative that has proven to be a catalyst is to have a significant talk with Dr Robyn Moloney who is Professional Casual, Access Macquarie Limited Honorary Associate Lecturer at the Department of Educational Studies, Sydney.

Welcoming the guest and formally kick-starting the event, Hon’ble Principal Dr. Sunil K. Baria said that for our students, we are committed to support a diverse community of faculty scholars who make a difference in their fields, inspire in the classroom and add value through international exposure. Maj. Gen. A.K. Shori, the Chairman, also focused that Coorparate communication is very important to survive in the business world.

During her talk, she said that communication skill is one of the most important life skills. Having strong communication skills aids in all aspects of life – from professional life to personal life and everything that falls in between.

Dr Robyn Moloney focused on the significance of research. Her own research interests include issues of intercultural language and development. She is interested in an understanding of language and culture across the curriculum, as an integral and holistic part of both student and teacher development. Robyn has extensive teaching experience in secondary and primary schools teaching Japanese, French and German. She believes in the significance of intercultural capital for teachers across the curriculum, as a feature of 21st century education. Her research reflects her interests in the development of intercultural competence in language learners, bilingual education, heritage language learners and curriculum provision.

The lectured turned into an open discussion where students wholeheartedly participated and cleared many of their queries.