Chandigarh,09.10.19-An enlightening two-day workshop introducing Abhyas Yoga & BARPS method and Abhyas Somatics Training was organised at Sri Aurobindo School of Integral Education, Chandigarh. It was conducted by BARPS creator Mr Navtej Johar, who is also a Bharatnatyam exponent and choreographer. It aimed to bring practitioners’ focus on the finer details of body movements to become the master of their practice. Participants were made aware that stretching is fundamental to asana practice. This method effectively facilitates the “stretch” by progressively engaging the principles of Bracing, Aligning (joints), Rotation, Poised (Breathing) and Stretching (BARPS). The Chairman of the school, Mr Arvind Mehan thanked Mr Navtej Johar for conducting such an enriching session in the school.