Chandigarh,23.09.19-A meeting of Chandigarh Traders Association, Sector17 was held today in the office of itsPresident Sh. Kamaljit Singh Panchhi at Anand Complex Sector 17-A Chandigarh to talk overthe World Car Free Day and decided to be a part of it on 22nd&23rd Sep 2019.It was decided in the meeting to participate in the event and encourage motorists to give up their cars for one day to promote improvement of mass transit, cycling and walking. One can reach quicker using a bicycle rather than using a car because of heavy traffic on roads and car free day is a great time to ride transit and enjoy its benefits for yourself.

Panchhi said that car free day is organized in various cities throughout the world in different ways and people should participate in this event by not usingtheir cars for at least one day in a weekthat will help in saving of petrol/diesel and avoidair pollution. It will also keep the environment and citizens of our country healthy.Car free day aims to take the heat of the planet for just one day by encouraging people to less dependent on their cars and try alternatives.

Mr. Panchhi and members of association decided to ride to their business premises on cycle andalso urged to the people of Chandigarh to participate in World Car Free Day on 23rd September to help combat traffic jams and reduce pollution to have a healthy life.