Chandigarh,17.07.19-Social Substance in collaboration with PNA Puppet theatre organized two stage plays at Ankur School, Panjab University, Chandigarh on Jul 17, 2019. Play ‘azaadi abhi adhuri hai’ was based on Poem by Late Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. The was an intense play with thought provoking message. It questioned Child Labour, Dowry System, Social Injustice etc. and asked audience if they were really free. It was heartening to hear from Ms. Aditi, student of the School, her takeaway that she got from the play ‘poori azaadi le ke rahenge’.

Second play ‘kahani abbu ali ka’ was based on a story of Arabian Night. It was comedy play where Abu’s counting was hilarious joke to audience. The actor installed broad smiles on every face in attendance. Dr. Parminder Duggal, Principal, Ankur School was so proud of actors, community children basically, that she offered many collaborative services to ‘Ananda open-shelter project’ where these children are learning skills of life.

Dr.(Mrs.) Vibha Taluja from Ashi, Haryana was truly glad with performance and briefed audience about their ongoing projects and expressed that she would look forward to future tie ups.

Mr. Subhasis Neogi, the director of the plays and Ms. Sarita expressed their satisfaction over the performances and proposed that such events should be continuous feature. They shared their special bond with community children and wanted to see them succeeding at various staged of Life. Dr. Arun Bansal, Social Substance coordinated the event.