Chandigarh,26.05.19-The makers of Chandigarh Amritsar Chandigarh had created much hype about the film with its creative and different promotional strategies. The makers promise a unique and a different content to the audience, and are sure that the audience will leave the theatres feeling high-spirited and cheerful. The film stars Gippy Grewal and Sargun Mehta in the lead role. The film is directed by Karan R Guliani and is produced by Sumit Dutt, Eara Dutt and Anupama Katkar.

Sumit Dutt is a creative producer and director in the Bollywood industry, who has decided to venture in the Punjabi entertainment industry. Sumit’s association in the Bollywood has really helped in creating curiosity among the Punjabi audience about the film. Thanks to Sumit, numerous and popular celebrities like Kareena Kapoor Khan, Karan Johar, Varun Dhawan, Sunny Leone, Nawaazuddin Siddiqui, Sonakshi Sinha, Arbaaz Khan were among the names who also gave special bytes for the film.

Recently, the makers of the film organized a premiere in Chandigarh which was attended by many whose who of the industry including the lead star cast, Ravi Dubey, Malkit Rauni, Sardar Sohi, Gurpreet Bhangu, Aarushi Sharma, Raghveer Boli, Armaan Bedil, and Naresh Kathooria. And the response from all of them was amazing.

Talking about the film, Sumit said “This is my first time dealing with the Punjabi audience, in regards with film. I am going through mixed feelings today, as much as I am excited I am also nervous thinking about the response that the audience will give. So I have my hopes high and fingers crossed. I know that today the audience is mature and wants films with different content. Chandigarh Amritsar Chandigarh is a film which will entertain them and also show unique content.”

The film Chandigarh Amritsar Chandigarh has released in the cinemas near you on 24th May.