Bangalore,15.05.19-evento is a Corporate Events & Training Company based in Bangalore. organising events for corporate along with having expertise in planning and organizing our own Conferences, Summits & Workshops across India.

About Chandigarh Tech Summit - Chandigarh is slowly catching up to India’s fast-developing Tech start-ups ecosystem which brought into notice to launch our event Chandigarh Tech Summit 2019, which will prove a Tech Summit an ideal platform for the people from industries, technologies to understand and to leverage the latest technical use cases, work & innovations on our businesses and daily lives.

The Chandigarh Tech Summit 2019 will provide a unique opportunity to connect with fellow digital enthusiasts working new technologies, domain & fields, by bringing people together ranging from the MNCs, Industries, start-ups, education institutes, the biggest Corporate.

This event will give an opportunity to explore a myriad of themes and topics such as Emerging Technologies like Blockchain, IoT, AI & ML, Augmented Reality, Industry 4.0 and much more.

ChandigarhTech Summit will bring Founder & Co-Founders, Investors, Innovators, Developers, Students and C-Level decision makers at same place. That is why it will be Great opportunity to meet Industry experts, participating in Interactive sessions, Panel Discussion, Exchange of Ideas, Network and Establishing of Relationships with other like-minded communities.

Our topic experts from Bangalore & Chandigarh will be participating in this coming summit, so this participants will have an opportunity to interact and learn from each and other.

Tech Summit details -

About Pooja Kaushik Dixit (Founder & CEO evento)

A woman entrepreneur based in Bangalore & the winner of “Women's Achievers Award in 2018 for Excellence in Event Management.”

Pooja Kaushik Dixit is running a corporate events & training company in Bangalore.

Pooja brings over 10 years of corporate events & training experience across management, planning, operations, marketing and commercial development. With these expertises, she started her journey with evento 4 years ago.

Regarding her future plans,She is conceptualizing various events across India & in 2020 she is having vision to expand her business worldwide.

Her success has been due to a combination of persistence and adaptability, a desire to learn more, equal skills across both technical and creative elements combined with a focussed commercial management eye. She is an expert in yhe fields of planning & execution of events, Organisational Skills, and High Interpersonal Skills.

Pooja is highly motivated, creative, and performance driven. Expert in strategic thinking/planning, brand activations, experiential marketing, partnerships, conferences, high touch customer programs and events & trainings. Also carrying the Leadership quality.

She is actively involved in Women Empowerment specific workshops and training programs.