Vishakapatnam ,18.05.19-Pema Wellness, at Baypark, is perched atop the Healing Hills in Vishakapatnam with breath-taking and stunning views of the Bay of Bengal on one side and a panoramic view of the mountains, on the other. We offer customised programmes to suit the respective goals of each guest. Our therapeutic nutrition, daily guided meditation, yoga and healing practices come together to create a holistic experience of wellbeing with naturopathy being at the core.

The treatment of the problems is not done for solely symptomatic cure, but to remove the root cause of the disease, hence it is nature based treatment that works to eliminate the toxins and maintain the body equilibrium. The journey of healing begins with an expert and qualified team dedicated to serve an uncompromised wellness experience to the guests. The clinical team is headed by renowned Dr S N Murthy, who has rightly been honoured with “Lifetime Achievement Award” in the field of Naturopathy by Government of India. He along with passionate professionals in the field of Naturopathy, Yoga, Acupuncture, Physiotherapy, Ayurveda and smiling team of healers restore the health of the guests.

The resort is a walk through lush greens and flora where the view points towards the Bay of Bengal. The pristine scenes of crystal clear water are an experience where it feels one with the nature, are the backdrops that nurture the peaceful environment of the resort. The spectacular views of sunrises and the sunsets, the awestruck experiences of natural awakening by the bay along with fresh and soothing sea breezes are completely rejuvenating. The silence is broken only by the sounds of nature such as the lashing of sea waves. Stop, rejoice and reconnect - the best way to be one with the nature and feel the tranquility, as they say, “Journey towards wellness must be a continued one.”

State of the art equipment adorns its expansive facilities including restaurants and juice bar, healing hub, infinity pool. outdoor reflexology track, nature's walking trail, kriya rooms and spacious yoga halls. We also have a modern library stocked with well researched and renowned publications on wellness making it an ideal learning resource centre. A private beach is the perfect backdrop for uplifting wellness activities in the midst of the therapeutic sea breeze. With over 80 standardised naturopathy treatments, an experienced team artfully creates the winning combination of manipulative therapy, acupuncture, colon therapy, ozone capsule, hydrotherapy, sauna therapy and quartz massage therapy amongst others that actively engages the guest in his or her health

Pema has recently won the prestigious award of the “Best Holistic Wellness Retreat” at GeoSpaGlobalSpa India Awards 2018 at a ceremony held on 24th April 2019 in Mumbai.