Date: 20.04.2019


The Administrator

Chandigarh Administration,Chandigarh

Subject: Representation in respect of issues and faulty re-carpeting of roads in UT Chandigarh.

Respected Sir,

Second Innings Association (SIA) a group of eminent and retired persons of UT wants to bring the following issue regarding re-carpeting of roads in UT which needs your attention urgently.

Brief Facts:

The repair and re-carpeting of roads is a regular feature which is done at the very regular intervals. Sometimes even before the stipulated period, the road is likely be under smooth operation. Being a UT Chandigarh has sufficient funds and resources under its control. Many officers have taken the innovative steps to improve the roads and for that purpose references have been made to Punjab Engineering College Chandigarh and a team of Central Road Research Institute(CRRI), New Delhi has also been commissioned to suggest the way and means to have better growth in Chandigarh. It is a matter of record that both the above institutions have sent their recommendations and advisory in writing to Chandigarh administration jotting therein the ways and means to make better roads economically even. As a common person we understand that the Administration has been advised to scrap the surface of road to a certain extent and use that scrap material in making and carpeting the roads. The depth of scrap has also been advised keeping in view the volume of traffic on particular road like Madhya Marg. The use of scrapped material will not only save public money but it will save ecological balance as lesser quantity of material be used.

We the residents of Chandigarh has observed that barring one or two roads all the roads,in last few years, have been re-carpeted by just adding another layer of material on the old road without any repair with the result that height of the road irrespective of the area, type of roads or the fast moving road has increased . This is resulting in flooding of all the circles and inner roads because after the height of the road was increased insensibly the road gully has been almost useless, even after crores of Rupees are spent on so called cleaning of all gullies. Water have started entering the houses in some sectors.

There seems to be a clear nexus between the various wings of the Administration and Municipal Corporation as first the height of road is increased , then the road berms are changed, new cement tiles are fixed on the corners of the road and even the pedestrian paths are rendered useless, so much so recently two rotary/circles have been tinkered to fix up some useless road gullies. This is a wonderful idea of any wonderful mind which is not helping in controlling the water logging but is playing with the original designs of the rotaries.

Under these circumstances, Second Innings Association (SIA) submits this representation for taking the following action immediately:

  1. The re-carpeting of roads without scrapping should be stopped immediately and once for all time.
  2. Special audit of roads and their strength should be done for the roads re-carpeted in the last 5 years.
  3. High Level Co-ordination committee consisting of engineering department of administration and municipal corporation, Punjab Engineering college with a representative of CRRI be constituted immediately.
  4. Municipal Corporation should constitute a Special Cell to look into the water logging and underground water disposal system.

In the end we would like to suggest that vast area of circles available in Chandigarh should henceforth be utilised for rain water harvesting.

Second Innings Association (SIA) has raised this issue many times at all levels of administration but we feel that no visible action has been taken on their request. As such volunteers of SIA visited many sectors and clicked almost 30 photographs, copy of these photographs is being submitted by hand to Raj Bhawan by hand. .

We not only hope but have full faith that our Administration will certainly take positive steps to address the above issue.IT need be we will be available for consultation.

Thanking you with regards

WE the members of

Second Innings Association

R K Garg President SIA

# 3328 Sector 27D


M 9872692400