Today the urgent meeting of Progressive Lawyers Forum of Punjab & Haryana High Court was called for in Sector 17, Chandigarh in view of the allegations levelled against the Chief Justice of India Sh. Ranjan Gogoi.

Gaurav Goel, President of the Progressive Lawyers Forum said that the cock and bull story has been cooked up against the Chief Justice of India to plot some conspiracy. The lawyers community stands united with the Supreme Court of India. PLF strongly condemns the attempt to malign the image of our Chief Justice of India and the entire Supreme Court.

Mr. Gaurav has also appealed to the general public and the entire legal fraternity to stand in solidarity with the Hon’ble Supreme Court in order to save it. We have also called for a meeting on Monday at Punjab & Haryana High Court to decide further course of action in this regard.

“These are absolutely false allegations and we condemn such acts. Such kind of allegations shall not be encouraged. This is an attempt to malign the institution. Entire legal fraternity is standing in solidarity with the Chief Justice of India,” Pradeep Sharma, Secretary , PLF said.

Such allegations are nothing but a planned attempt to malign the entire institution, an attempt to target top Indian judiciary. Such baseless allegations are enough to ruin the reputation of a judge and this way anyone can make any accusations against anyone.

The meeting was attended by the following Advocates Sh. Pradeep Sharma, Sh. SauravGoyal, Ms.SunitaAggarwal, Sh. Kirit Singh, Sh. Binnat Sharma, Sh. Deepak Sonak, Sh. YogeshGoel, Sh. AnandeshwarGautam, Sh. Sunny Juneja, Sh. Sameer Aggarwal, Sh. B.S. Makkar, Ms.TusharBhargava, Sh. VanshNarwal, Ms.AnuGoyal and others.