Shimla; 20 April,2019-Additional Chief Electoral Officer D.K.Rattan disclosed here today that on the last date i.e. 19 April, 2019 for filing claims (offline and online) for enrolment as electors, a total number of 1,82,890 Form-6 were received under continuous updation of electoral rolls. These forms will be disposed of by the concerned ERO (Electoral Registration Officer) by 29thApril, 2019 and the applicants whose forms will be accepted by the EROs will be eligible to cast their votes on 19 May, 2019 in the ensuing Lok Sabha elections.

He said, in addition to it, 69 forms for enrolment as electors have also been received from the overseas citizens which will also be processed and decided by EROs upto 29 April, 2019.

He also stated that 15,803 forms for deletion received before the date of announcement of elections i.e. 10 March,2019 have already been decided.

He said that after special summary revision, final publication of electoral rolls was made on 21 January,2019 and at that time, 50,96,869 electors were registered which included 25,84,183 male, 25,12,627 female and 59 third gender. At the time of final publication, the number of first time electors was 88,127 which has now increased to 1,33,083. This number will further increase when forms received will be decided and disposed off by the EROs upto 29 April, 2019.

He added that number of service electors which was 62,131, at the time of final publication made on 22 February,2019, will also increase, as 5,437 more applications have been received from the Army Record Offices which will also be decided and disposed of upto 29 April,2019.

He also clarified that eligible citizens can still apply but their forms will be kept pending and will be processed after completion of Lok Sabha elections.