NEW DELHI,02.04.19-Sachin is a serial entrepreneur building a Human-Assisted AI that empowers everyone to build & operate technology. He has bootstrapped since 2012, which was created with the belief that everyone should be able to build their ideas without needing to code and that any idea can be made into a reality without wastage of time, money or resources.

He holds a degree in B. Eng from Imperial College London and a degree in Entrepreneurial Master’s Program from MIT. He is an Information Systems Engineer with specialization in Mandarin, Finance, Distributed Systems, Software Engineering, Computational Maths and Operations research with Game Theory.

At the age of 14, Sachin ended up accidentally breaking his mother’s computer. Afraid of her reaction, he researched relentlessly until he put the system back together to perfect form. One thing led to another and he established a small PC business at the age of 14.

In the following years, Sachin ventured into software and at the age of 17, joining Deutsche Bank as their youngest employee ever and continued to work there for 5 years.

He’s founded Shoto - a photo and video service that brings together all digital memories under one roof, including the ones missed out - using AI and Facial Recognition.

Sachin took his last company Nivio (one of the pioneers of the Cloud in 2004) to $100m in value before exiting. Nivio was a pioneer in the Cloud in the mid 2000s that let users stream Windows from the Cloud in a browser and included an app store that let you rent software from Adobe, Corel, and Microsoft.

Sachin is an active investor in over 20 startups where he spends time and uses the reach of his network to help portfolio companies like Popxo, Avocode, Clarify Health, Zeus, and HealthHunt.

He also cares deeply about social impact and has given a large amount of equity in his companies to causes he cares about. He recently launched a program called LIFE that pledges up to 50,000 hours of engineering time to help charities further their causes. This has led to persistent work with Her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdullah’s Jordan Education Initiative, the fight against the death penalty in the US, and helping kids in the Middle East rehabilitate after having lost their limbs - using advanced software to build prosthetic arms.