Chief Electoral Officer, Haryana, Mr Rajeev Ranjan provided with detailed information about Service Voter Portal and encouraged them to cast their votes, at Ambala Cantonment

Chandigarh, March 18- With a view to ensuring full participation of army officers and personnel in the upcoming 17th General Lok Sabha Elections, Chief Electoral Officer, Haryana, Mr Rajeev Ranjan provided them with detailed information about Service Voter Portal and encouraged them to cast their votes, at Ambala Cantonment today. He said that they must cast their vote to strengthen the democratic system, just as they discharge their duty with commitment and integrity. And, those who are yet to get their Voters Card made, they must get it done immediately so as to cast their vote.

While giving information on Service Voter Portal, Mr Ranjan said that army personnel could get their votes made through this portal, for ensuring their participation in the voting process. He said that for the first time, electronically transmitted postal ballot system has been introduced in elections. It is our collective responsibility to make this system work. He said that it is mandatory for service voters to fill the form no. 2, 2A and 3. He said that the forms should be carefully filled up and signed as due to any minor mistake, the poll of the voter concerned would remain pending. On the occasion, he also answered the questions asked by the soldiers. District Election Officer, Mrs Sharandeep Kaur Brar was also present.

He said that it is our joint duty that the elections are conducted in a transparent and fair manner. The 17th General Lok Sabha Elections would be conducted in seven phases. Under which, the process has started. In those states where the process is yet to start, there the service voters can get their voters made before the process starts. The work of making the vote for service voters is still going on. Earlier, it used to be done manually, but now on Service Portal through electronics process, one can apply with any ERO through the record officer. The Service Portal also includes the staff of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Diplomatic Mission Staff and Paramilitary Force. Apart from this, the employees of State Police Force who are posted outside the state, they can also apply for their votes under this process through the record officer, he added.

He said that this time, votes of all service voters are being made on fast pace through the electronic process. After this, the votes are also being sent to the record officer electronically. Earlier, this work was done through Post, which was time-consuming and service voters could not cast their vote timely. This time, the provision of speed post has been made to get the vote of service voters quickly to the returning officer and all its expenses would be borne by the election office. This would help the votes of service voters to fast reach the returning officer.

He asked them to properly fill the voting form and seal the envelope so that their vote could be cast. He said that while making vote or while casting vote through postal ballot paper, it is necessary to sign the declaration along with signature. He also requested the service voters and their family members to make everyone aware of the Portal and this special arrangement so that the interested voters can get their vote made. He said that if a Service Voters' wife is also living with him, then she has the right to make a vote through the service portal. Under this arrangement, he gave information about the importance of Form no. 13A, 13B, 13C and 13D.

Brig. M.S.Tomar expressed his gratitude to the Chief Electoral Officer, Haryana, Mr Rajeev Ranjan for providing the army officers and personnel with detailed information about Service Voter Portal and he also assured their full participation in polling.


Model Code of Conduct

Chandigarh, March 18: In view of the General Election to Lok Sabha-2019, during the Model Code of Conduct, before publishing or broadcasting any advertisement material in print or electronic media, the candidates or political parties will have to obtain certification from the Media Certification and Monitoring Committee (MCMC). The advertisement should not include any communal, unlawful, caste, language or anti-national material that violates model code of conduct. A State Level Media Certification and Monitoring Committee has been constituted under the chairmanship of Joint Chief Electoral Officer, Haryana, Dr. Inder Jeet.

While giving details, Dr. Inder Jeet said that similarly MCMC has been set up at district level under the chairmanship of District Election Officer or Returning Officer, where the local candidates can apply for certification of advertisement. He said that the candidates or political parties who are not convinced with the decision of the committee constituted at the district and state level, can appeal against the decision of the committees to the state level appellate committee constituted. If for some reason the candidate or the political party does not agree with the decision of the state level Appellate Committee then they can appeal to the Election Commission of India. The decision of the commission will be final.

He said that in order to get the certification of advertisement from MCMC for broadcasting in electronic media, the candidates or political parties would be required to give verified transcript copy along with the two copies of the proposed advertisement in electronic form. He said that MCMC would also monitor the Bulk SMS or Voice Message so that the objectionable content should not be promoted through this medium during the elections. MCMC certification is also mandatory for sending bulk SMS or voice messages. National and state level accredited, and non-recognized political parties and every candidate would be required to apply for certification of advertisement from MCMC, three days before broadcasting it. Apart from this, the other institutions or organizations would be required to apply for certification 7 days before broadcasting.

He said that during the Model Code of Conduct, it would be mandatory for the electronic media institution to check whether the certificate for advertisement material given by the candidates or political parties for broadcasting in electronic media is obtained from MCMC. He said that MCMC have been constituted at the central, state and district level and it is not a binding for candidates or political parties to get the certificates only from MCMC of Haryana. The Candidates or political parties having their headquarters in Delhi, can also get certification done from MCMC situated in Delhi which would also be valid in Haryana.