Una,18.03.19-The event was graced by Professor Sarit Kumar Das, Director IIT Ropar, Professor Vinod Yadava, Director NIT Hamirpuras Chief Guests. The event began with lamp lighting and then a welcome speech by Professor S Selvakumar, the director of IIIT Una. Professor Vinod Yadava inaugurated the websites of the various student associations. There were a total of 10 student associations including those for CSE (F.O.R.C.E.), ECE (Aavesh), magazine (Amogh), Event Management (EvMaC) and others. The basic endeavour of these associations are to bridge the gap between curriculum and meet recent trends.To nurture and develop teams spirit among students.To bring out the leadership qualities in the students in terms of planning and execution.To outstand/ excel the predecessors in terms of creativity and quality.

It was followed by the signing of the MoU by the respective Directors of IIIT Una and IIT Ropar. The MoU will help in the growth of IIIT Una while helping develop fraternity between IIIT Una and IIT Ropar, allowing them to access various Labs and advance research facilities. and participate in the joint research collaborative projects. The possibility of jointly seeking funds for conducting collaborative research from Indian and foreign agencies. To encourage staff of their respective institutions to work in each other’s laboratories for short tenure to mutually transfer their expertise. To work closely in the areas of cooperation through co-guidance of PhD students, course sharing, wherever possible, organization of lectures, symposia, short-term training courses, etc.Both the parties would exchange information regarding material, results/data

Professor Sarit Kumar Das then engaged the audience with his address, drawing thunderous applause from both the students and faculty members he also shared his long standing experience of working with top universities of the world.

The respective Directors of IIT Ropar and NIT Hamirpur were presented with mementos as a token of recognition from IIIT Una. The event concluded with a vote of thanks by ShaharyarShamshi, President of F.O.R.C.E.