Chandigarh February 20, 2019
Let the search within begin for positivity- Mukul Kanitkar
‘Use of Right words have great power to bring the desired
changes in life’ said Sh. Mukul Kanitkar, National Organizing
Secretary, Bhartiya Sikhshan Mandal while delivering 53rd Panjab
University Colloquium on ‘Research for Resurgence’, here today. He
further added that each one of us is unique in its own way and let the
search from within begin for the resurgence. Once the difference
between right and wrong is understood, you get used to doing good
things in life. One matchstick is enough to enlighten the darkness in
one second. But to see that light of one second, it may take long time
to understand, he added.

He said that research is the root of Education which
needs to Resurgence. Research is part of education, whereas,
resurgence is part of Life. It is very important what you give back to
society, he added.

His lecture focused on explaining the essential link between
knowledge and research and mentioned that research is the essence of
life and all of us should not only center our lives towards what
society has given us but should realize the fact that we as humans are
blessed with infinite options towards how we react to the society and
should strike a goal that it is our essential duty to also contribute
to our nature and society. Finally, he encouraged each one present in
the lecture hall to find that unique seed of talent hidden within each
of us and work very hard in finding who we really are and what is the
purpose of our lives to bring out newer innovations and enhance our
and society’s quality of life.

He further elaborated that research for resurgence is
a community learning process which is the reminder that positivist and
analytical paradigms can be complemented or even replaced by
indigenous and context sensitive research creation process to address
the challenges of current times. Bhartiya perspective of life in
general and knowledge in particular may enrich the current discourse
on research to make it more relevant for Desh(location), Kaal(time),
and Paristhiti(situation). This invitation is for exploring the
research practices that can offer alternatives to the positivist
paradigms and to develop a fresh perspective for research and
knowledge creation for Bharat, its people and situations.

Prof. (Dr.) Raj Kumar, Vice Chancellor, PU, in his address,
appreciated the presence of the guest speaker to enlighten the
audience with his vast knowledge on life and the role of research in
fulfilling its quintessence.

Prof. Promila Pathak, Coordinator PU Colloquium Series briefly
spoke about the eminent speaker. She introduced him and mentioned his
achievements stating that he has organized five International
Conferences and delivered more than 8000 Lectures. Sh Mukul has
written more than 2150 articles and authored many books in Hindi,
English and Marathi. He has also been a pioneer of Mass Suryanamaskar
programmes and this programme has now been conducted for more than 10
million students in Madhya Pradesh, every year in the month of
January, since 2007.

On this occasion, PU Fellows, Prof. Shankarji Jha,
Dean of University Instructions, Chairpersons of various departments,
Faculty members, Wardens, Research Scholars, students, staff and
neighboring institutes were present.