Manali,10.02.19-The SNOW & AVALANCHE STUDY ESTT.(SASE), Manali has issued the following Avalanche Warning Bulletin & advisory/warning. Himachal Pradesh State Disaster Management Authority (HPSDMA), Government of Himachal Pradesh issues the following advisory for the Departments & general public:

a) In view of above the District Administration/DDMAs are advised to keep a close watch and monitor the situation in their areas regularly and take appropriate precautionary measures.

b) Keep Search and Rescue teams/QRTs on standby.

c) Avoid movement on Slopes where avalanche warning has been issued.

d) Convey bad weather warning to all grass-root functionaries & local residents.

e) Kindly advise the tourists and local people not to venture in snow bound areas.

f) Keep a close watch on the National highways and other roads.

g) Evacuation of unprotected settlements may be planned on/near the avalanche paths.

h) General Public is advised to keep adequate stock of essential commodities and emergency medicines.

i) Keep the State Emergency Operations Centre (SEOC) – 1070 informed about any situation in the area and email at