New Delhi January 29, 2019 International Road federation (IRF), Geneva based global road safety body working for better and safer roads worldwide has urged the government for the enactment of the Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill in theupcoming last session of the current parliament without including the clauses opposed in the Bill by some states and organisations in the country.

The amended Motor Vehicle Bill which aims to usher reforms in the transport sector was passed by the Lok Sabha in 2017 and has since been pending in the Rajya Sabha for approval. The Bill, referred to a 24-member Selection Committee, is yet to get the Upper House nod.

“Given that Indian roads witness over 500,000 road accidents each year resulting in about 147,000 fatalities, the Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill is an important step towards strengthening the legal framework for improving road safety in India. We urge the parliamentarians to pass the Bill in the coming session of the parliament without amending the clauses opposed in the Bill. The passage of the Bill will help close major gaps in the legislative framework that governs road safety in the country,” said Mr K.K.Kapila, Chairman, International Road Federation (IRF), a global body working for better and safer roads worldwide.

“India is a signatory to the United Nation’s Brasilia Declaration with the target of reducing road fatalities by 50% by 2020. The Bill seeks to amend the 30-year-old Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, and aims to drastically improve road safety in the country monitored by the proposed National Road Safety Board. It also proposes to increase penalties for several traffic offences, ensure protection of Good Samaritans and aims to bring about a unified license system.” he said.

“There are 91 clauses in the Bill, out of which only a few clauses are being opposed by several states and associations and these require more clarification and discussion. Therefore, at least 95% of the bill has been accepted by all. The duly amended Bill should be passed in the coming session of the Rajya Sabha” Said Mr Kapila.