Chandigarh,12.12.18-Ghumte Firte photos are memories of a traveller. The collection is all about the people and the spaces around them. From the traditional cultural identities to the comforts and miseries hidden within the hustles and bustles of the modern cities, the growing aspirations and the loneliness of the people, the will to build togetherness and also the separation from it, these photographs depict the emerging conflicts of time which have confined the freedom and spirits of the people into narrow spaces surrounding them. They have defined the contours and content of the world that we live in today. The rapidly changing world is bringing in new rules of the world, adjust to it or perish. Wear a mask and hide yourself while others will see you in mighty colors that you are not yourself seeing.

Each image is a different experience for the photographer, be that about an individual or a place. From the corners of New Delhi to the busy New York, from the enigmatic Krakow to eternally vibrantSingapore, from the streets of windy Chicago to the warm and bright Geneva, together, the images have a common thread and document the time we are living. There is nothing glorify or advocate nor there is anything to feel sorry for. These are merely images of the time and there will be new threads for the world to move along. Old or young, each in the images, is living a world that is best available, captured candidly by a traveller.

Ghumte’ Firte’, is the second exhibition of the photographer in this series and the third to be this year. The study of the streets of the world can never end and you are welcome to talk to the photographer during this exhibition and later to share your comments on the images displayed.

Streets are amazing, because there are mysteries beyond their lives. Ghumte’ Firte’ takes you beyond what is seen through the view finder and the lens.