Chandigarh,06.12.18-Dr. N. Banumathy, Asst Professor (Speech & Hearing), Department of ENT, has won the CIGI award for her research paper on “Development and Acquisition of Pragmatic Skills in Paediatric Cochlear Implants”, at CIGICON 2018, held at Daman. She has won the CIGI award for the second time consecutively for her research in prelingual and post lingual Cochlear implant (CI) users, under the constant motivation and guidance of Dr. Naresh. K. Panda, Professor & Head, Department of ENT.

The research paper aimed to investigate the development and acquisition of pragmatic skills in paediatric CI users. Pragmatic deficits pose a great challenge in the development of language in children with hearing impairment. Without mastery of pragmatic language skills, children face a significant challenge in mainstreaming and development of spoken language comprehension. The results showed that the scores of CI users matched their implant age but not to their chronological age, when they were compared with normative scores of respective age matched normal hearing children. Hence the findings of this research prove that there is a need for intensive pragmatic stimulation during rehabilitation for the betterment of long term outcomes of cochlear implantation.