Chandigarh September 24, 2018
Lecture on “Theory and Praxis” at PU
The Department of Public Administration, Panjab University, Chandigarh launched
its Department Lecture Series titled, “Theory and Praxis” with an Inaugural Lecture on
Public Policy: Theory and Praxis by Sh. Tejvir Singh, IAS. While discussing the
objective of the lecture series, Professor Ramanjit K Johal, Chairperson, Department of
Public Administration and Director Research Promotion Cell, Panjab University stated
that the idea is to involve professionals, especially administrators and trainers, in
teaching the discipline to enrich the learning experience of the students.
Sh. Tejvir Singh began with sharing the US experience of governance and public
policy from 1980s to the present. He discussed the paradigm shift that has taken place
in terms of envisioning the role of the government. His lecture mainly focussed on
understanding the meaning of governance and public policy in terms of role of the state
in relation to the society; the policy cycle; decision-making models including
theoretical constructs; framework for public managers; and issues detailing the gap
between theory and praxis. Sh. Tejvir Singh’s discussion of the theoretical aspects of
public policy was full of insights from the Indian experience, especially from sectors
like education, health, employment, insurance, industries to mention a few.
The lecture was attended in large numbers by students and researchers from
disciplines of Public Administration, Political Science, Economics and History.