Chandigarh, June 24—The Haryana Governor, Prof. Kaptan  Singh Solanki, has described Chartered Accountants as the soldiers of financial system of the country like the soldiers in the Army for the safety of the nation, and asked them to make the financial system safe and secure.
                Interacting with the students of Chartered Accountants at a national conference organized by the Board of Studies, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), here today, he said youth has a major role to play in building a new India where everyone has a deep sense of belonging.
           Presently, there are 2.85 lakh Chartered accountants of ICAI and over 8 lakh students are  studying CA. ICAI imbibes values, quality and vision in its students for economic development of the country.
               The Vice-President of ICAI, Mr Vijay Kumar Gupta, and Chairman, Chandigarh Chapter ICAI, Mr Mastan Singh, were also present on the occasion.