Gurgaon, June 21, 2018:  As a fast-growing economy with high levels of competition and multiple global recession cycles, work-related stress has become more common and less acceptable at Indian workplaces.

The changing social fabric and social traditions which play a role in personal lives have a direct impact on the physical, mental and emotional health of the workforce at all levels. Chronic and lifestyle-related health issues are growing rapidly among the so called ‘Young India workforce’. It is predicted that by 2025, India will have more than 57% of the population suffering from diabetes. Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity are seen as high-risk elements in employee health and wellness that will impact the workforce. Globally, more than 300 million people suffer from depression and 260 million are living with anxiety disorders.

As a two-step programme, MDI Gurgaon started its 7th day of Induction Programme by celebrating International Yoga Day with Yogacharya Dr. Navdeep Joshi from “NAVYOGA”. Dr. Joshi introduced various stress relieving Yoga exercises to the students.  With factors from meeting the deadlines, pressure from bosses, workload, etc stress has become a permanent resident in lives of professionals as well as students. More than 500 students participated in the yoga day celebration.

Stress is the root cause of many diseases, to create awareness about this critical issue prevailing in our society a Workshop on Yoga to Manage Corporate Stress, by Ms. Vandana Aadesh, senior faculty of The Art of Living was arranged for students in the evening hours. The workshop sensitized students of various stress-busting exercises which will be beneficial to them in long run.

Mental health should be of utmost importance as it affects the holistic well-being of the individual and the societies in a larger perspective. Corporates across India so have become sensitive to the prevalent health issues and the impact of stress at the workplace on performance and productivity. As a result, leadership firms, as well as management institutes like MDI Gurgaon, are working at building health and wellness programs that make the workforce a lot stronger to beat the external challenges.