New Delhi,24.05.18-‘Apna Manch’ a theatre group headed by Ms. Juhi Goel is holding a specially designed workshop of 7 day’s for kids between the age group of 10 to 16 years.   In this workshop children will be taught about the imagination, creativity, body movements, voice and speech, self-awareness, expression, story building and its execution on stage, characterization, improvisation (Scene Enactment), confidence building and trust building. This workshop is specially designed for children (Keeping in mind energy, eagerness to express themselves spontaneity and emotions), providing each participant own creative space.

 About Theatre Artist: Juhi Goel: She is a theatre artist , Founder and Director at Apna Manch & Senior Lecturer at IPM Ghaziabad. She started the career in theatre is August 2010. 8 years of experience as a management faculty, have worked as an assistant professor for marketing.  She has developed a module for personality development based on theatrics especially for management students.  She was also associated with Bharti Resources Learning Centre as Play writer, Director, Actor, and Theatre Trainer. She has 7 years of experience as a theatre artist. Written plays like “Dhalti Shamein”, “Mera Chand” and “Tum aur Main”. Recently adapted few English classic stories by O Henry , Leo Tolstoy and EV Lucas as theatrical productions at ApnaManch.

Event: Apna Manch by Juhi Goel   

Date and Day:   26th -31st May 2018

Workshop Time: 10: 00 Am – 1:00 Pm,

Performance Time: 6:00 Pm- 7:00 Pm

Participation Fee: Rs.3500 for 7 days

Venue: Arpana Fine Arts Gallery, 4/6, Sri Fort Institutional Area, Opp Gate No:  2, Siri Fort Auditorium, New Delhi -110049