Chandigarh,24.05.18-Under the mentorship of the Founders and Directors Dr. Earnest Charles J. Samuel & Dr. Annie Charles Samuel a group of 37 Students of the Heritage Club “Darohar” of Mount Carmel School ,Chandigarh visited the Fateh Burj, the victory Tower, which is the highest Minaret in India . The life size statues of the warriors who played pivotal role in the battle, the small pond, the placid garden around the tower made the place a must visit. The Students felt proud of the Warriors who gave their lives for the nation and also admired the imposing monument glorifying the valor of the Sikh general Banda Singh Bahadur. The Principal Dr. Parveena John Singh stated that such visits enrich the Students with the knowledge of the history and they also learn to display a responsible behavior towards our heritage while visiting such sites.