Various problems of Chandigarh residents
CHANDIGARH 20TH April, 2018 : Regarding various problems of Chandigarh residents, State President of Chandigarh, Sanjay Tandon, met Home Minister Rajnath Singh and Rajiv Gaba Home Secretary U. T. affairs, in his office in New Delhi and kept the problems of local people in front of them.
This information was provided by Ravinder Pathania, convener of the Media Department of the Bharatiya Janata Party Chandigarh. He told that Tandon first talked to the Home Minister and Home Secretary about the UT Employees housing scheme and urged them that this matter has been stuck for a long time.
Those who are to be given houses have already deposited their money for a long time. At the same time, he also laid the task of giving retirement benefits to the teachers of government-granted schools, to increase the limits of the villages of the Lal Dora, Providing proprietary rights to the people of houses made in EWS and Tenement Colony.
He said that Home Minister Rajnath Singh and Home Secretary Rajiv Gaba took all the above work seriously and also discussed the proceedings of these works and assured the State President Sanjay Tandon that the Home Ministry will solve these problems at the earliest.


 Welcoming the Supreme Court judgment on Judge Loya’s death case 

Chandigarh 20th April, 2018 : Welcoming the Supreme Court judgment on Judge Loya’s death case today, the BJP state president of Chandigarh, Sanjay Tandon said, it seems that the Congress party and its allies came to the distraction of being out of power and have made the trend of fabricating fabricated allegations against Modi government, the BJP and its senior leadership.

 He said that this decision has exposed the dirty politics of Congress party and its allies.

 The court has termed Judge Loya's death as a natural death and dismissed PIL.

The Supreme Court also stated the facts in judgement that 

 This petition was inspired by political reasons.

 This petition was filed with political sentiment.

 It was a conspirator PIL, behind which there is an invisible hand inspired by political reasons.

 This petition was conspiring to defame the country's judicial system, especially the Supreme Court, which is very unfortunate.

 Rahul Gandhi had a press conference on this subject and with 150 MPs, he went to the President and pretended to politicize.

 Conspiracy against the successful national president of the Bharatiya Janata Party, Mr. Amit Shah ji, repeatedly tried to humiliate him and politically damage him.

 Today, the judicial system of India has put the truth in front. Truth has won.

Due to his conspiracy efforts to defame Amit Shah ji, the conspiracy to blunt the credibility of the justice system of India, for which he Should ask apologizes to the country. 

 Since Rahul Gandhi has been unable to do politics on the ground, so he is trying to do politics in the court premises, today the Supreme Court has taught lesson to him.