Ludhiana 20 April, 2018-To promote brackish water shrimp farming in salt affected areas of Punjab, College of Fisheries, Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (GADVASU) organised an “Awareness Camp” on “Vannamaei Shrimp Farming” in salt affected village Bhawalvasi in Distt Fazilka (Punjab). The camp was organized with the objective to sensitize the farmers about “Best Management Practices (BMPs)” for sustainable development of shrimp farming in the region. About 35 farmers from the adjoining villages attended the camp and were enthusiastic to take up shrimp farming in their poor yielding salt affected lands. Dr. Prabjeet Singh, Assistant Professor (Fisheries) delivered lecture on BMPs for Vannamaei shrimp farming, including pond preparation, stocking and post-stocking management (water quality, feed, health management and biosecurity measures) for higher yield and income.

Members of Innovative Fish Farmers Association Punjab also participated in the camp. Mr. Ranjodh Singh, President of the Association, addressed the farmers and motivated them to take up scientific fish/shrimp farming under the expert guidance of scientists. Dr. Vaneet Inder Kaur, Scientist (Fisheries), informed that GADVASU is working intensively since 2010 to develop aquaculture in zero earning salt affected lands of South-west districts (Ferozepur, Fazilka, Sri Mukatsar Sahib, Bathinda, Faridkot and Mansa) of Punjab and has standardized/demonstrated technologies for freshwater carp culture in low saline areas (<5 ppt) and brackish water shrimp (Vannamaei) in high saline areas (10-25 ppt), through which farmer can earn net profit of Rs. 50,000-60,000/acre/yr and Rs. 3-4 lakhs/acre/crop of 100-120 days, respectively. She also informed that College of Fisheries organises training programmes on Shrimp farming, so as to acquaint the farmers with technical details of the venture.

Dr. Meera D. Ansal, Head, Department of Aquaculture, told that owing to the much needed initiative taken by GADVASU to develop aquaculture in inland saline affected areas, over 600 acres of inland salt affected waste lands have been converted into aqua farms in last 4 years. Most recently, 19 farmers also adopted shrimp farming in 37.5 acres of salt affected lands, with the financial help from State Government, and produced 121.85 tonnes of shrimp having market value of Rs. 4 crores, informed Dr. Ansal.

Dr. K. S. Sandhu, Dean, College of Fisheries informed that GADVASU has started a series of “Awareness Camps” to sensitize the farmers of South-West districts in respect to various aquaculture practices, which can be adopted in their zero-earning lands and help them improve their socio-economic status, besides producing quality protein rich fish/shellfish for additional food security for the State.