Chandigarh, 23rd Aug 2013,The finest Chocolates of the India have now come to the City Beautiful- Chandigarh. The unstinted efforts of Ms. Vasudha Munjal, a third generation entrepreneur from the renowned Family of Hero MotoCorp, has been instrumental in establishing in India the famous Choko La Boutiques. After satiating chocolate lovers in Delhi NCR and Mumbai, the up-market Chocolate boutique chain has set a footprint in Chandigarh, by establishing its signature boutique in the city’s largest mall: Elante. The USP of Choko La is Couverture chocolate from Europe. Couverture is a high quality and unique chocolate which is made tastier and smoother than any other chocolate by use of Cocoa Butter content.  So deep was Ms. Munjal’s interesting for chocolate that it took her to Cordon Bleu, London followed by the Barry Callebaut Academy in Singapore. It was this passion for Chocolate, that finally brought the finest Couverture chocolate from Europe to India, and now Chandigarh.

Committed to using only the best and finest quality ingredients, Choko La has simply perfected the art of making chocolates. From delicious, handmade chocolates and desserts, to artisan creations, the Chefs have been trained by renowned French masters to create bits of heaven. Says Mr. Ravi Pahuja, Chief Operating Officer, Choko La, “Our enticing and indulgent chocolates are produced in a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit based in Gurgaon. Here chocolates are handcrafted and are made from only the finest ingredients inside hermetically sealed, ISO certified environments to give you a taste that’s simply heavenly.”

Choko La’s stable is full of gourmet chocolate offerings which certainly will delight Chocolate lovers of the region. So now you do not have to travel to Delhi to taste that soft and luscious Couverture chocolate, just drive down to your city’s majestic mall Elante find a quiet corner in Choko La’s swank boutique and order your favourite chocolate. You will be spoilt for choice as Choko La’s menu has a lot of variety and has exotic offerings which of course are truly inviting. The Choko La stable boasts of:

The Deeply Divine--

Truffles, pralines, bars, mendiants, Rochers, Crunchy coated almonds and Butterscotch, cookies, brownies.

The Signature Products:

Chocolate Rose. Flowers and chocolates come together in the delicious sweetChocolate roses lovingly made from only the finest ingredients for absoluteindulgence.

Chocolate Pizza.Delicately handcrafted with love and some of the finest chocolates in the world, topped   with marshmallows, hazelnuts and bananas this pizza is truly a slice of heaven.

Hot Chocolate. So rich and so full of cocoa to send you on an endorphin high in minutes.  

Chocolate FondueEverything tastes better when dipped in chocolate. And Choko La’s Fondues are just that -- A chocolate-dipped paradise. Perfect for a get- together.

Gifts for-  Weddings, corporates, birthdays, anniversaries, and all that’s in between. Choko La gift hampers with packing and customization options