Chandigarh,24.01.18- The Second Day of the Conference began with the Panjab University Anthem, followed by the Lighting of Lamps by the dignitaries.

 Thereafter, Professor Deepak Kapur, Chairperson – University
Business School welcomed the distinguished guests. Flower bouquets
were given to the dignitaries by the Conference Chair(s) Professor
Deepak Kapur, Professor Parmjit Kaur, and Professor Suveera Gill.

Thereafter, panel discussion was organized on the topic
‘Strategies, Technologies, and Value Creation in the Financial
Services Sector’. The distinguished members of the panel were
Professor S.C. Vaidya, former Dean University Instruction (DUI),
Panjab University, Chandigarh; Mr. Alvin David, General Manager – HRD,
Newgen Technologies Ltd., New Delhi; Mr. Sanjeev Gupta, Chief General
Manager, Swaraj Mazda Isuzu Ltd, Ropar; Professor S. K. Chadha,
Director, Central Placement Cell, Panjab University, Chandigarh; and
Professor Manoj K. Sharma, Member of Senate, Panjab University,

 Mr. Alvin David emphasized the role of technology and trust in
Financial services. He talked about the need for strengthening the
faith in systems, and the need for technology to be backed by talent
that is highly endowed with trust and ethics. Professor S.C. Vaidya
talked about the role of technology as a disruptive force, and how
technology has given birth to new businesses, and new ways of doing
businesses. He mentioned that digital technologies are redefining our
relationships with money, banking, and insurance. Mr. Sanjeev Gupta
talked about the need for new drivers for growth and profitability. He
described the importance of changing work demographics, shifting
regulatory landscape, and search for new growth sources. He said that
today’s focus is on fair, and competitive opportunities (and not
salary). Professor S.K. Chadha talked about the need to focus on the
present, deleting past things, and creating future. He talked about
the need for good products and processes, standardization, and
building trust.

 Thereafter, there was a presentation of mementos to the dignitaries
by the Conference Chair(s) Professor Deepak Kapur, Professor Parmjit
Kaur, and Professor Suveera Gill.

 After Lunch, there were technical sessions wherein faculty and
research scholars presented their research findings to the audience.
Professor A.K. Saihjpal, Professor R.K. Gupta Chaired the technical

The conference saw active participation from all quarters of business
community and academia. Best Research Papers were given special