Motivating messages from the celebrities invited for gearing Election process


A spokesman of Election Department told here today that in the wake of various special campaigns launched to involve all eligible persons of the state in election process, the department has invited motivating messages from the celebrities appealing people to get registered and cast their vote.  He told that motivating messages had been invited from Bollywood actress Kangna Ranaut and Preeti Jhinta, Bollywood singer Mohit Chauhan, Shooter Vijay Kumar,WWF fame wrestler Dalip Rana (Khali), Hockey Captain Sita Gosain, Cricketer Sushma Verma etc.


He said that after receipt of text or audio messages it would be released to the print and electronic media so as to motivate more and more voters to take active part in the democratic process for forming the government. Apart from messages, celebrities had also been requested to send their valuable suggestions so that left out voters could be motivated for registration as well as for exercise their right to franchise.    


The spokesman said that for ensuing Assembly election of Himachal Pradesh, Election Commission of India (ECI) was making all possible efforts for conducting Assembly election in a manner where all voters of the State could cast their votes and contribute in building the strong democracy. He said that ECI was working towards creating an atmospheres where every single voter could come without any fear or hesitation to the polling Stations and could excise his or her right to vote without any fear or inducement.


 He said that while creating such ambience for fearless elections, the Election Commission was also aiming towards inclusive elections where the motto is 'No voter to be left behind' and ' Every Vote Counts.'  



Cradle Baby Reception Centres for abandoned children

A spokesperson  of the Directorate of Women and Child Development said here today that as per the provision of Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015 the department has decided to set-up Cradle Baby Reception Centres at Specific location at Zonal/Regional Hospitals, CHCs, Nursing Homes and the District Child Protection Units to receive the abandoned and vulnerable children. He said that the primary objective of such Cradle Baby Reception Centres is to rescue abandoned children and look after them with due care and affection till they are given in adoption.

He said that besides this, such Cradle Baby Reception Centres will enable safe abandonment of children by the families or biological parents, who do not wish to produce the child before Child Welfare Committee for relinquishing the children and do not wish to reveal their identity and otherwise abandon the child in total unsafe and unhygienic place.

He said that the Cradle Baby Reception Centres will be maintained under the supervision of the Officer-in charge of the respective Department and if any abandoned child is found in the Cradle Centre, then the will inform the concerned CWC immediately as well as the Specialized Adoption Agency (SAA). He said that Four Cradle Baby Reception Centres have been set up by the Directorate of Women and Child Development recently at New Special Ward 4th Floor Kamla Nehru Hospital Shimla, Emergency OPD Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Hospital Shimla, Room No. 119 District Hospital Recong-Peo District Kinnaur, Room No. 532A Block E District Hospital Solan.

He said that apart from this, one Cradle Baby Reception Centres has been already functional in Room No. 600 District Hospital Mandi since December, 2016. The process of setting-up of Cradle Baby Reception Centres in other parts of the State is being pursued vigorously.