NEW DELHI.13.09.17-Adorn your beauty with the magnificence of lotus flower with the new Lotus in Full Bloom collection by POOJA NIGAM. The designer brings the love and blossom of the lotus to the world through her inspiration.

 Crafted with uncut diamonds, rubies and south sea pearls this necklace set depicts the Lotus flower in its full bloom with every piece of ruby carved as a petal of the lotus flower. No piece like this has ever been crafted, no jewel like this ever imagined before. The necklace surrounds your neck with sheer dynamism yet keeping it ultra-traditional.

 Made in 22K gold and the set weighs around 150 grams including both its neckpiece and pair of earrings. This jewellery has diamond of around 5.78 carats and the rubies used in the set are 19.16 carats worth. The beautifying element of flawless quality pearls are placed at around 288 carats.

 Themed as a part of “Padmaja” collection, this piece is one to own and flaunt with pride.

This extra-ordinarily designed set is an exclusive choice for the brides on their wedding day. 

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 G-13, Mezzanine Floor, HauzKhas, New Delhi-16

 About the designer: Pooja Nigam

POOJA NIGAM, designer behind the brand POOJA NIGAM, is a Fellow of Gemmological Association (F.G.A) of Great Britain (GEM A, London) & a Graduate Gemologist (G.G) from Gemological Institute of America (GIA, India). Her passion and enthusiasm to attain a deep understanding of the field of jewellery designing led her to spend 5 years in learning the art from premium institutes. Being from a non-jewellery background, knowledge achieved at these institutes along with her 7 year experience has helped her source the right quality of gemstones while maintaining the purity of gold.

Every piece is handcrafted and involves extensive hand work and creativity at all levels from idea generation to manufacturing the final product. POOJA has learned the art of creating Jadaujewellery by working with National Award winning craftsmen. Working with maestros in the field has honed her ability of translating her thoughts into reality.

 Taking the road less travelled, POOJA NIGAMgets to know her clients at a more personal level. Taking inspiration from their individual motivation and thoughts, POOJA NIGAMcreates the most exquisite themed jewellery pieces for them.