I , Tarandeep Singh Bawa son of Shri Sukhinder Singh, resident of House No.268, Sector 10-A, Chandigarh and also residing at Kotkpura Road, Opposite Old Jail, Siri Muktsar Sahib, was married to Amandeep Kaur daughter of Shri Varinder Pal Singh(9417000002,9878800002) on 25.11.2013 .

Unfortunately the marriage did not last long and the police registered a case bearing FIR No.35 dated 28.1.2014, Police Station Sadar Ferozepur, under section 307,406,498-A,342,506 against me, my parents ie, Sh. Sukhinder Singh and Smt. Sukhwinder Kaur, my two married sisters and their respective husbands i.e Preet Kamal and her husband Rupan Chawla, Ramandeep Kaur and her husband Dr. Rameet, Smt. Surinder Kaur Sodhi, mother in law of the my sister Ramandeep Kaur  and my driver Robin Singh. It will be important to mention here that the said case was registered without following the  preliminary requirements of inquiry and efforts of reconciliation etc.

Another FIR i.e.  FIR No.109 dated 16.4.2014 under section 384,115,506,120-B IPC and section 25/54/59 Arms Act was registered with Police Station Sadar, Ferozepur against the me and my family members as above said, and my cousin and five others on the allegations that the applicant had given Supari for the murder of Shri V.P. Singh(9417000002,9878800002), in conspiracy with his parents and family members.

Yet another FIR bearing No.109 dated 18.6.2014 ,under section 420,465,467,468, 470,471,120-B IPC Police Station Cantt Ferozepur  against me and my family members as above said on the allegations producing a tampered list of  dowry articles before the police while joining investigation in FIR  No.35 above said .

It will be important to note that a simple matter of matrimonial misunderstanding between the me and my wife has been blown out of proportion to such an extent that the entire family has been hounded and branded as criminals.

The police has acted in such a brazen and highhanded manner to prosecute me and my family as Shri V.P. Singh(9417000002,9878800002) is very influential person and has close ties with various senior and high ranking police officials and other important functionaries of the State .

At the time of marriage various photographs clicked which shows various high ranking police officers and politicians(including Shri Janmeja Singh Sekhon, then Cabinet Minister in Akali Government) attending the wedding. 

V.P. Singh telephone record which shows that he constant touch with various police officials including those posted in Ferozepur at the time of the registration of the above said FIR’s . Not only this Shri V.P. Singh was in regular contact  with even two senior judicial officers posted at Ferozepur due to which the applicant had to approach the Hon’ble High Court for transfer of the trial .

I approached the Hon’ble Punjab and Haryana High Court, Chandigarh for transfer of investigation and despite orders of the constitution of a special investigation team , local police at Ferozepur had been acting in the said cases to harass me and my family, which ultimately invited  strong  comments from the Hon’ble Punjab and Haryana High Court Chandigarh.

The  Punjab Police did not  stop their highhandedness despite the matters having been under Judicial scrutiny . Rather in the garb of investigation, the Chairman of the SIT is helping in getting documents created to fasten liability of dowry etc. upon the applicant and his parents . In a status report filed by the SIT , various such documents like wealth tax return have been projected to support the allegations of giving of jewellery etc. , but these documents had not seen the light of the day previously.  The applicant has material  in his possession to show that Shri Amar Singh Chahal , I.G.P. Patiala and Chairman of  the SIT , is regularly having lengthy telephonic talks with Shri V.P. Singh.

A fair and impartial scrutiny of the circumstances and the material available on record as well as with the applicant will show that a totally biased and one sided investigation has been done by the  Punjab Police to  oblige Shri V.P. Singh , who it appears is nursing a fanciful feeling of grudge and vindictiveness towards me and my family . It is clear that the police has thrown all settled norms and practices of propriety and good conscious to the winds just with a view to please , oblige and satisfy the ego of Shri V.P. Singh who is able to exercise an indefinable influence upon the police officials under which they even forget their call of duty as well as good conscience. The police under the Chairmanship of SIT, Sh. Amar Singh Chahal has filed a supplementary Challan against the my family in FIR No. 109 dated 16.04.2014 and Challan in FIR No. 109 dated 18.06.2017. The entire process of registration , investigation and filing of challans needs to be revisited  with an open and unbiased approach to bring out the truth.

Tarandeep Singh Bawa