Chandigarh, 3 July, 2013,PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry jointly with National Stock Exchange (NSE) organised an ‘Investor Awareness Seminar’ here in Chandigarh today to develop investment culture amongst general public and to enable the investors understand their rights and responsibilities as investors as well as various investment instruments along with their associated risks and returns.



Highlighting on National Stock Exchange Kapil Marwah IPF (Investor Protection Fund) Secretariat, North India, National Stock Exchange elaborated that National Stock Exchange is one of India’s leading exchange groups and has played a prominent role in developing the Indian capital market. NSE provides an efficient and transparent market for trading in equity, debt instruments, derivatives and mutual funds. It also provides a host of other services to capital market participants including risk management, clearing, settlement, market data services and training. It has a global reach with customers around the world and a nation-wide presence.


Marwah said, “One of the unique features of Indian markets is that retail investors participate directly in the markets through registered intermediaries, who are popularly known as stock brokers. Given the vast geographical spread of the country and the large number of retail investors, investor empowerment and protection is a core function of both SEBI and the exchanges. NSE India has

more than

 150,000 trading terminals spread across more than 1500 towns and cities, with million

s of

 investors participating in the market on a daily basis.”

A small investor gets same priority as a big investor. There is no discrimination based on size of the order, volume, geographical location, etc, added Marwah. 


Dalip Sharma, Regional Director, PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry welcoming the delegates said that Investor Awareness Seminar are being regularly conducted by NSE at various places in the country to educate the investors and to create awareness among the investors regarding the capital market and in particular the working of the stock exchanges. It is first time at Chandigarh that PHD Chamber is jointly organizing this program with NSE. “This program shall help individuals understand the financial market in a simplified manner & the importance and impact of factors like Inflation, Industrial Output, Foreign Investments on the Stock Markets, the experts reviewed the current scenario in the aftermath of the downtrend in the financial markets.”




Sanjeev Kumar, Resident Officer, PHD Chamber, elaborated the subject of Investor Protection and SEBI Regulations to investors.




The session covered different aspects of Stock Market activities, Trading and Settlement Systems, Debt Market, Dematerialization of shares, Risk Management, General Safeguard, Do’s and Don’ts for the investors.




Informative brochures were distributed by NSE on topics such as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), Futures & Options and Debt Market, Sensex, Investor Guide etc. to the participants.