Chandigarh 4 October 2022.Bharatiya Janata Party Chandigarh Vice President Devendra Singh Babla has termed the statement of former Congress President and former Mayor Subhash Chawla as ridiculous in which Subhash Chawla had called Chandigarh getting 12th position in cleanliness rank as a shame.

In a statement issued here today, Devendra Singh Babla said that
Subhash Chawla does not like the progress of the city or his mental
balance has deteriorated with age that's why he is terming the
improved ranking of Chandigarh city in cleanliness as shame.
Babla said that Subhash Chawla's statement is completely a bundle of lies.
Chawla says that during his tenure, Chandigarh used to come second or
third in cleanliness, perhaps he forgot that the cleanliness ranking
of the city started in 2016 and at that time Arun Sood of BJP was the
mayor. At that time the ranking of the city came at number two. Till
2015 Chandigarh city had Congress mayor and there was no cleanliness
ranking at all. Therefore Subhash Chawla is giving absolutely false
and baseless statements.
In fact, Congress is responsible for spoiling the cleanliness
ranking. The policies of his time, JP Garbage Processing Plant, is
responsible. The heap of garbage is a gift of Congress. Today Chawla
has forgotten that he himself had gone to Germany and had come from
there to finalize the processing plant machine, due to which the pile
of garbage increased, SSK was also formed during the Congress, which
had piled up the whole city. Subhash Chawla and Congress are solely
responsible for this. They cannot run away from their misdeeds. BJP is
now trying to undo the misdeeds of Congress. Yesterday BJP President
Arun Sood had given complete details and reiterated that BJP is
committed to bring the city to number one in cleanliness ranking.
Babla also said that Subhash Chawla should tell what he has done for
improving the cleanliness ranking of the city and of shoddy politics.