Shimla, 17.08.22- BJP Leader and Minister Suresh Bhardwaj while addressing a press conference said that Aam Aadmi party is a party of lies.
He said that since AAP has come in power in Delhi and Punjab but the overall situation of the states have deteriorated. The education standards of new delhi are way behind himachal pradesh. Himachal has a literacy rate of 99.9% and when a comparison takes place at national level Delhi stands way behind himachal.
He said that the law and order situation of Punjab is quite poor and the local people are facing a lot of problems in Punjab.
People are unhappy of such crime rates which are increasing in their states constantly.
He said that AAP is a party of non guarantee, they have no right to talk on guarantee.
He said that wherever they have come in power privatisation has gone up. See Delhi the standards of the private schools have gone up but the standards of the government schools have gone down.
He said that there are 10 thousand vacancies is delhi education system but all unfilled.
AAP is a party of dreams that never come ture.
He said that AAP has no right to talk on corruption as their ministers are on bail in such cases. They are a political party of scams.
He said that they have no scope in himachal they will not even win one seat in this state for sure.
AAP leaders need to understand that Arvind Kejriwal is talking about straight roads in delhi but Jairam Thakur has improved the connectivity of curvy roads of himachal.
Our double engine government in doing a great job in himachal.