CHANDIGARH, 10,08.22-Thalassaemic Charitable Trust (Regd.) in coordination with Department of Transfusion Medicine PGIMER organised its 257th Blood Donation Camp on 6th August 2022 in PGIMER, Chandigarh. Total 29 Hon’ble Blood Donors donated blood in this camp and 8 Blood Donors were rejected due to technical reasons. The camp was conducted under COVID19 guidelines.

This was 73rd Blood Donation Camp by the Trust since 6th June 2020 in PGIMER, Chandigarh during COVID19. More than 9529 units of blood have been collected in these camps for Thalassaemics and other serious patients requiring blood support.

Shri Rajinder Kalra expressed deep gratitude to HoD and staff of Department of Transfusion Medicine, PGIMER, Chandigarh and all voluntary blood donors for success of this Camp.

Thalassaemia is a genetic blood disorder which induces chronic anemia. Regular Blood transfusion after 15-20 days is widely recommended treatment for maintaining optimal Hemoglobin level. Thalassaemic Charitable Trust is organising regular blood donation camps and serving thalassaemics since 1985. Presently about 450 Thalasaemics are availing blood transfusion facilities in our two Day Care Centres in PGIMER & GMCH Chandigarh. Free medical accessories for blood transfusion are provided to all patients and poor patients are given free medicines also.