Ludhiana 24 June 2022-Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana organized one day training for beneficiary farmers under ICAR sponsored Farmer FIRST Project at Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Handiaya. Different poultry related inputs distributed viz. day old chicks, feeders, drinkers, calcium supplements, multivitamins and antibiotic for promoting entrepreneurship development among them.

The training-cum-input distribution camp was held under the guidance of Dr. P.S. Brar, Director of Extension Education and Nodal officer of Farmer FIRST Project. Dr. Y.S. Jadoun Principal Investigator of the project, Dr. Pragya Bhadauria Co-PI, Dr. Amandeep Singh Co-PI and Dr. Navkiran Kaur organized the event in which a total of 30 beneficiary farmers from the Channanwal and Dhaner villages were trained and provided inputs for backyard poultry farming.

Dr. YS. Jadoun welcomed the farmers in the camp. Dr. Amandeep Singh in his expert lecture provided basic information to the beneficiary farmers regarding backyard poultry farming. He laid special emphasis on the care and management of day old chicks in order to reduce the mortality, feeding and housing management practices, provision of adequate lighting, proper bedding material, adequate amount of ventilation and proper placing of feeder and drinker for the chicks. Further he provided information about the usage of antibiotics, calcium supplement and multivitamins provided as input to farmers. Dr. Pragya Bhadauria in her expert lecture provided information about the different entrepreneurial opportunities related to backyard poultry farming, farm expansion, marketing linkages and value added products which can be made from eggs and meat. She motivated farmers to adopt backyard poultry farming and gain nutritional as well as financial security which will further help in the upliftment of the socio economic status. Dr. YS Jadoun proposed the vote of thanks to the experts and farmers along with acknowledging the support from Dr. PS Tanwar, Associate Director KVK Barnala and Dr. Suryendra Singh.