CHANDIGARH, FEBRUARY 14: India Book of Records released ' Heart Mafia' book that exposed medical corruption in India. The book was released by Dr Raj Rup Fuliya (IAS), Additional Chief Secretary, Haryana Government at Press Club, Chandigarh today.  The author of the book Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury, Chief Editor of India Book of Records in the chapter 'Ab Tak Chappan', named a few top Indian Cardiologists who boast themselves to be the champions of  these obsolete but highly profit making procedures that is bypass surgery and angioplasty. For example  Dr. Naresh  Trehan, a Padambhushan  awardee  boasts himself to have performed a record number of  such heart surgeries  (50,000). Dr. Sanjay Rajdev made a record by performing an angioplasty at dangerously high speed  in just 16 minutes with the intention of creating a world record .Same way Dr. Purushottam Lal implanted stent on a  104 yr. old  (even if it meant high risk  to the patient involved ) and made a record. Another dubious claim by Dr. Ashok Seth to have done most number  (20,000) of angiograms  (unnecessary, unreliable, life threatening but profit making diagnostic procedure ). However none of these doctors  have bothered to answer  the most critical questions:

1. How many of their  patients survive  after 5 years of their first angioplasty or heart bypass surgery without  having to undergo the second angioplasty or heart bypass surgery?

2. In their entire career, how many of their patients have they recommended for Natural Bypass?

in  actuality they are doing no good for the patients or the nation. With these obsolete, unnecessary, unethical surgeries /procedures  all they do is  mint huge money and build huge hospitals overnight.

The Press Conference organized by India Book of Records is done with only one aim i.e. to completely eradicate these unnecessary, obsolete, unethical medical practices like angioplasty and bypass surgery that are done just for profit.

Complete eradication of such practices can be achieved by educating, propagating and promoting natural bypass way of reversing heart diseases and other lifestyle related diseases like high B P, high cholesterol, diabetes and obesity among the patients all across the country.

India Book of Records appeals to the media to educate the public about these two obsolete surgeries which are a favorite among cardiologists because they are profit giving and further that every patient must take the route of  natural bypass which is not only the safest but also doesn’t cost a dime. Very few cardiologists in our nation are following this path of natural bypass. One such cardiac physician  Dr. Bimal Chajjer ( ex-Cardiac physician-AIIMS, New Delhi) was also presened as Chief Guest  at Press Club, Delhi  to support the cause of Natural Bypass which he promotes and practices among his patients.


Following the strategy of natural bypass we will be able to eradicate heart diseases  to a  great extent from the nation. To achieve this target of completely eradicating the heart diseases from our nation through natural bypass, India Book of Records  has launched  a Free Health Card  with the  book Heart Mafia. With this Health Card  patients  can seek free consultation  for their heart problems and other lifestyle style  related diseases like  diabetes, high BP, high cholesterol, obesity etc. Patients can also reach for help through the helpline number 9313378451 or through  Natural Bypass will help  nation  by not only saving lives of people and making them healthy but also saving nation's  Rs 22,46,87000 crore  making  around 18% of GDP. Taking the route of natural bypass  to cure heart disease will make our nation not only Healthy but also Wealthy.

So are we talking about politicians,2G, 3G, 4G  or a coal scam! NO! NO !!NO!!!. They (politicians) play with your hard earned money only.

But here  the culprits  do not just play with our hard earned money but life itself! Every day they play with  the future and economy of the Nation! They are no one else but India's celebrated Cardiologists! And they are involved in Medical Corruption -the biggest corruption of all times.

Today all across the world the highest number of deaths take place due to heart attacks. India is leading with 60% of the world's heart patients (WHO estimate). Among heart diseases, deaths due to blockage of coronary artery disease is very high. Heart blockages can be 30%,40%,50% or 80%. Logically heart attacks should take place  due to 80% blockages but in reality heart attacks takes place because of 30% 40% or 50% heart blockages. It's  because 80% blockages are stable where as 30% or 50% blockages are fragile and can rupture anytime due to stress or any other reason leading to heart attack. When a doctor treats a blockages he only treats 80% blocked arteries. The treatments that a doctor recommends for the blockage is either a Bypass Surgery or Angioplasty. In bypass surgery a vein graft is taken from leg or arms of the patient and a bypass is created to restore the flow of blood in all the parts which was otherwise  obstructed by the blocked /clogged artery. This procedure costs around 3-5 lakhs and involves 1 week of hospitalization of the patient. The death rate on operation table during bypass surgery is 2% and rate of complication after a bypass surgery is 100%. The other method to clear up  80% blockage is Angioplasty. In Angioplasty stents are  put in the clogged artery  and a path is made to restore the  flow of blood.

Angioplasty costs around Rs. 1.5 to Rs. 2 lakhs and hospitalization involves 2-3 days. The death rate on operation table  is 1%  and the rate of complications that arise due to angioplasty are 100% .Both these  procedures don't  ensure  a lifelong cure. Within  12-18 months a patient may have  to go for  these procedures  again  because the site may get clogged up again. So the patient becomes a permanent customer of the hospital.

According to the Archives of Internal Medicine 2012, Cochrane Database-2013 ( highest authority among  journals and scientific research ) -'No benefits were seen in the patients who have undergone bypass surgery  or angioplasty than those who did not opt for these procedures.'

On the other hand there is another treatment option available which has been approved and acknowledged by American Heart Association and that is Natural Bypass  also known as Collateral Circulation. In this our heart makes its own bypass in case of any blockage and this happens only when a patient is kept on a special Lifestyle Therapy Diet Plan. Natural bypass does not require any hospitalization. The death rate on operation table is 0% & so is the rate of complications i.e. 0 %. It involves just one cost and that is just the cost of the special Lifestyle Therapy Diet Plan.

According to the Noble Prize Winning  Science (1998) the  special diet works by helping in the formation Nitric Oxide which initiates/ promotes formation of collateral arteries that are otherwise hidden. Appropriate levels of Nitric Oxide helps heart to make its new path whenever any of the coronary arteries are  blocked. This is known as natural bypass. But heart is able to produce collateral arteries of natural bypass only when it is kept on a special nitric oxide producing diet. In natural bypass in spite of blockage the blood reaches through newly formed collateral arteries (natural bypass although known by cardiologists is deliberately hidden from heart patients just because of profit motive).Nitric Oxide also helps in reversing high B.P., high cholesterol, obesity,  diabetes and other lifestyle diseases.

Not only common man but even high profile people like  Bill Clinton, the former US president was also victimized by  these cardiologists. In 2004, he underwent quadruple coronary artery bypass surgery. In 2005 he underwent a lung surgery due to complications of bypass surgery. In 2010 he had to undergo double angioplasty.But again plaque was building up at the same place and he realized that these procedures are not the solution to his problem. So he researched a lot for an alternative solution to his problems and  switched to a special diet plan  'Lifestyle Therapy Diet Plan ' and was able to reverse his heart disease in just six months. Natural bypass  formed because of this diet. Not only plaques& stent cleared up, he was as healthy as he was during his college days. This he revealed in an interview with media (CNN).

The Diet that Mr. Bill Clinton strictly followed for six months helped him recover through  natural bypass and get his health back by  forming  appropriate level of  Nitric Oxide.The Lifestyle Therapy Diet Plan includes 0% Sugar and Salt, less than 2% animal food including  milk and egg, less than 2% grains, 0% processed food, less than 20% cooked food, 35%-40% fruits, more than 50% Raw/steamed vegetables and  physical  exercise-1000 steps/day.

Out of the three options available for heart patients i.e.heart bypass surgery, angioplasty and natural bypass; only the first two options are recommended to the patients by the cardiologists hiding the third option.. Why is it so?

It's obvious-  the Profit! The hospitals get 40% of their total revenue from their cardiology department by performing  unnecessary  heart bypass surgeries  and angioplasties completely ignoring and hiding the third option of Natural Bypass.

To expose such heart frauds, medical fraud investigating agencies are being set in US, UK, Italy, Australia and made active to scrutinize the medical documents of heart patients. More than 400 cardiologists so far have been jailed for performing unnecessary  heart bypass surgeries and angioplasties  just for PROFIT. Ironically in India every year more than 3 lakh heart patients become victims of such obsolete procedures just because of their profitability factor.